Real Estate Law

Entering into a real estate transaction is a major financial undertaking for most people.  Since there are many players with varying loyalties and interests in a real estate transaction, it is important to have an advocate who is actively serving your interests alone.  We understand real estate transactions and work diligently and zealously to protect our clients' rights and interests.  Mongiovi Law, LLC can assist you with the following as it relates to Real Estate matters:

  • Review and Advice regarding Negotiating and Entering Into Commercial and Residential Leases;
  • Attending Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings and Settlements;
  • Deed preparation;
  • Auction Sales and Real Estate Listing of Premises;
  • Sale or Transfer of Property as it relates to a decedent’s Will or Probate Estate;
  • Landlord /Tenant:
    • Lease Preparation
    • Lease Review
    • Lease Terminations
    • Landlord/Tenant Complaints for Possession and Judgments
    • Lease Evictions
    • Appeals to Court of Common Pleas
    • Supersedeas to remain in property during appeal period.